When it really matters, our firm has the breadth of knowledge and experience to meet all of our clients’ legal needs.

Our firm is renowned for its expertise in a wide range of both local and international legal business services. Whilst our lawyers each leverage their long-term work experience within their respective areas of specialization, they work as one in order to provide our clients with outstanding comprehensive legal services. Our diverse practice areas include general corporate law, commercial and securities law, taxation, intellectual property and licensing, bids and tenders, real estate, employment and labor law, environmental law, commercial and civil litigation, banking and finance and mediation and arbitration.

Our corporate department is comprised of attorneys who have extensive experience in all areas of local and international corporate and commercial transactions. Our firm is renowned as one of the leading Israeli law firms advising on corporate and securities transactions, including some of Israel’s largest and most complex transactions.

Our taxation team specializes in matters of Israeli and international taxation, including tax planning in connection with national and international transactions, and provides professional advice and counseling with regard to various aspects of taxation.

Our intellectual property lawyers are proficient in combining their expert legal skills with an understanding of the business and technology issues involved, and are therefore able to provide vision and capacity to better assist companies in protecting their intellectual property, both in Israel and abroad.

We have unique expertise in environmental law derived during our many years of representation of Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, cleantech and greentech companies, as well as advising a range of corporate institutions on the complexity of environmental law.

Ever mindful to the needs of our clients, Tulchinsky Stern Marciano Cohen Levitski & Co. has taken great care to form a highly effective, full service real estate practice with extensive experience in the most complex commercial and residential development projects.

As part of our comprehensive suite of services focused on the needs of the local and international business community, our fast growing employment and labor law department provides a full labor service, handling all forms of labor agreements, reorganizations and dispute resolutions.

Our litigation team acts across a broad range of business and civil sectors. Our ability to field multilingual attorneys enables the firm to represent non-Israeli plaintiffs and defendants. Our litigation lawyers specialize in representation in civil and commercial cases in court and arbitration, class actions, companies law, bids and tenders, banking and securities law, public law, insurance law, and labor law.

Senior partners at our offices are recognized and experienced mediators and arbitrators in a wide variety of matters. Our objective is always to reach the most cost effective and efficient resolution of disputes for each side.